Who Are We?

—  Meet the team...



Chili Pepper Productions has been a family owned and operated wedding studio for over 50 years. We practice the highest standards in wedding photography and video, and what most other studios charge extra for we consider to be standard Chili Pepper service. Our mission is to produce the hottest photos and videos in the city. You'll look great and be proud to show off your fabulous photos and video!



Dan "The Negotiator"

General Manager, Photographer, Cinematographer, Magician

Taking over the family business in ’84, he is here to give you what you need! He will sit down with you to discuss your needs, wants, styles and budgets so that he can set up a team to get the job done. Now looking to pass over the business on to his son, Dan still shoots, but focuses on more on the management of the business alongside his most recent passion: magic!


Alexander "The Prodigal Son"

Photographer, Cinematographer

The prodigal son, Alexander has been shooting weddings alongside his father since he was old enough to walk. Leaving to pursue over a decade of study and practice in yoga and martial arts, he has now returned to his roots to expand the family business!

Robert "Dobius Maximus"

Photographer, Cinematographer

Well-experienced and having worked alongside Dan for over a decade, Robert brings a strong sense of professionalism, expertise and like-ability to every job that he approaches. With a never-back-down, can-do attitude, Robert will do whatever it takes to get the best out of every shoot.


Patrick "The Editor"

Video Editor

Efficient, timely, precise, and well-timed, Patrick is a wizard when it comes to video editing production and same-day edits. From swooping fades to following the beat, Patrick puts a genuine sparkle and shine to every RAW file he lays his hands on.

Melissa "Warm & Fuzzy"


A real savante, Meslissa is a detailed oriented sharp shooter. From weddings to corporate galas, Melissa knows just how to work a room and make her presence as subtle as possible, all while capturing your most unforgettable moments!

Beej "Social Media King"

Social Media Manager

A social media and marketing guru, BJ has been managing clients for nearly a decade in the digital space. Now working for Chili Pepper, he provides his technical expertise for everything from website-work to day-of, up-to-the-minute live wedding coverage.

Kelly "The Organizer"

A now-retired school teacher and super organizer, Kelly keeps Dan in line as the whip to the whole operation!



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